Bridging AI and Cognitive Science (BAICS)

International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)

April 26, 2020

@baicsworkshop · #BAICS2020

For each paper being presented at the workshop, we will host (1) the pre-recorded presentation from SlidesLive, (2) a Rocket.Chat chatroom for text-based discussion, and (3) a Zoom meeting room. All of these can be found from each paper's landing page (which you can access by clicking on the title of the relevant paper).

The Zoom meeting rooms will be open only during the poster session timeslots (see the Schedule), during which authors will join the meeting rooms to allow you to ask them questions face-to-face. We encourage you to first watch the presentation associated with the paper, and then join the Zoom meeting room to ask questions and engage in further discussion.

Session 1 (2-3pm GMT)

Title Authors Track PDF
From heuristic to optimal models in naturalistic visual search (Oral) Angela Radulescu, Bas van Opheusden, Frederick Callaway, Thomas Griffiths, and James Hillis Research PDF
Public Self-consciousness for Endowing Consistent Persona to Dialogue Agents (Oral) Hyunwoo Kim, Byeongchang Kim, and Gunhee Kim Research PDF
Reinforcement Learning through Active Inference (Spotlight) Alexander D Tschanz, Beren Millidge, Anil Seth, and Christopher Buckley Research PDF
Global-Local Network for Learning Depth Via Interaction (Spotlight) Antonio Loquercio, Alexey Dosovitskiy, and Davide Scaramuzza Research PDF
Entropy Minimization In Emergent Languages (Spotlight) Eugene Kharitonov, Rahma Chaabouni, Diane Bouchacourt, and Marco Baroni Research PDF
What can human minimal videos tell us about dynamic recognition models? (Spotlight) Guy Ben-Yosef, Gabriel Kreiman, and Shimon Ullman Research PDF
Probabilistic Successor Features Allow for Flexible Behaviour (Spotlight) Jesse Geerts, Kimberly Stachenfeld, and Neil Burgess Research PDF
Levels of Analysis for Machine Learning (Spotlight) Jessica Hamrick and Shakir Mohamed Blue Sky Ideas PDF
Coarse-to-Fine Curriculum Learning for Classification (Spotlight) Otilia Stretcu, Anthony Platanios, Tom Mitchell, and Barnabas Poczos Research PDF
Ecological Semantics: Programming Environments for Situated Language Understanding (Spotlight) Ronen Tamari, Gabriel Stanovsky, Dafna Shahaf, and Reut Tsarfaty Blue Sky Ideas PDF
Analyzing acoustic word embeddings (Spotlight) Yevgen Matusevych, Herman Kamper, and Sharon Goldwater Research PDF
Convolutional Neural Networks as a Model of Visual Activity in The Brain: Greater Contribution of Architecture Than Learned Weights Anna Truzzi and Rhodri Cusack Research PDF
Can neural network language models understand spatial perspective? Carolyn J Anderson and Tessa Masis Research PDF
Learning Intuitive Physics Through Objects Luis S Piloto, Ari Weinstein, Peter Battaglia, and Matthew Botvinick Research PDF
Learning Hierarchical Syntactic Transformations with Encoder-Decoder Networks Max A Nelson Research PDF
Towards Curiosity-Driven Learning of Physical Dynamics Michael Lingelbach, Damian Mrowca, Nick Haber, Li Fei-Fei, and Daniel Yamins Research PDF
Deep Active Inference for Autonomous Robot Navigation Ozan Catal, Tim Verbelen, Cedric De Boom, Bart Dhoedt, and Samuel T Wauthier Research PDF
Weakly-Supervised Trajectory Segmentation for Learning Reusable Skills Parsa Mahmoudieh, Trevor Darrell, and Deepak Pathak Research PDF
On Systematic Generalization of Sequence to Sequence Models Prabhu Prakash Kagitha Research PDF
CognitiveCNN: Mimicking Human Cognitive Models to resolve Texture-Shape Bias Satyam Mohla, Anshul Nasery, Biplab Banerjee, and Subhasis Chaudhuri Research PDF
A Neuro-AI Interface for Evaluating Generative Adversarial Networks Zhengwei Wang, Qi She, Alan Smeaton, Tomas Ward, and Graham Healy Research PDF

Session 2 (9-10pm GMT)

Title Authors Track PDF
Exploring Exploration: Comparing Children with RL agents in Unified Environments (Oral) Eliza Kosoy, Jasmine Collins, David Chan, Jessica Hamrick, Sandy H Huang, John F Canny, and Alison Gopnik Blue Sky Ideas PDF
Brain-like replay for continual learning with artificial neural networks (Oral) Gido M van de Ven, Hava Siegelmann, and Andreas Tolias Research PDF
Product Kanerva Machines: Factorized Bayesian Memory (Spotlight) Adam Marblestone, Yan Wu, and Greg Wayne Research PDF
Model Zoology and Neural Taskonomy for Better Characterizing Mouse Visual Cortex (Spotlight) Colin Conwell, Michael Buice, Andrei Barbu, and George Alvarez Research PDF
Towards modeling the developmental variability of human attention (Spotlight) Daniel Yamins, Kun Ho Kim, Megumi Sano, Julian De Freitas, and Nick Haber Blue Sky Ideas PDF
Theory of Mind with Guilt Aversion Facilitates Cooperative Reinforcement Learning (Spotlight) Dung Nguyen, Svetha Venkatesh, and Truyen Tran Research PDF
Cognitive Architectures for Introspecting Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents (Spotlight) Konstantinos Mitsopoulos, Sterling Somers, Christian Lebiere, and Robert Thomson Blue Sky Ideas PDF
Mental models for neural models (Spotlight) Owen Lewis Blue Sky Ideas PDF
Relaxed Graph Matching for Analogical Reasoning (Spotlight) Simon Segert, Mariano Tepper, Javier S Turek, and Jonathan Cohen Research PDF
On Memory in Human and Artificial Language Processing Systems Aida Nematzadeh, Sebastian Ruder, and Dani Yogatama Blue Sky Ideas PDF
Causal Learning by a Robot with Semantic-Episodic Memory in an Aesop's Fable Experiment Ajaz A Bhat Research PDF
Learning robust visual representations using data augmentation invariance Alex Hernández-García, Peter König, and Tim C. Kietzmann Research PDF
Curiosity Increases Equality in Competitive Resource Allocation Bernadette K Bucher, Siddharth Singh, Clelia de Mulatier, Kostas Daniilidis, and Vijay Balasubramanian Research PDF
The perceptual boost of visual attention is task-dependent in naturalistic settings Freddie Bickford Smith, Xiaoliang Luo, Brett Roads, and Bradley Love Research PDF
Attention Driven Dynamic Memory Maps Himanshu Sahni, Shray Bansal, and Charles Isbell Research PDF
Deep Learning Needs a Prefrontal Cortex Jacob L Russin, Randall O'Reilly, and Yoshua Bengio Blue Sky Ideas PDF
Active World Model Learning in Agent-rich Environments with Progress Curiosity Kun Ho Kim, Megumi Sano, Julian De Freitas, Nick Haber, and Daniel Yamins Research PDF
Toward A Neuro-Inspired Creative Decoder Payel Das, Brian Quanz, Pin-Yu Chen, Jae-wook Ahn, and Dhruv Shah Research PDF
What does a pruned deep neural network "forget"? Sara Hooker, Aaron Courville, Andrea Frome, and Yann Dauphin Research PDF
Modeling Conversation Context by Adapting Cognitive Architectures Sashank Santhanam and Samira Shaikh Research PDF
Simulated sleep helps to generalize knowledge in a spiking network trained with spike-timing dependent plasticity Timothy Tadros, Giri Krishnan, and Maxim Bazhenov Research PDF
Toward Human-like Object Naming in Artificial Neural Systems Tiwalayo Eisape, Roger Levy, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, and Noga Zaslavsky Research PDF